Automation + Fertigation

With the increasing demand for high quality produce and decreasing supply of water, farmers are looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity in all aspects of the job. Automating irrigation and fertilizer injection systems can help optimize water use and fertilizer application while allowing workers to concentrate on other important farming tasks.


With the capacity to monitor weather, soil moisture, system flow rates and pressures, growers have the power to schedule irrigation and fertigation at the tips of their fingers exactly when the plants need it. Possibilities are endless with quality products that we can provide and service from companies like Bermad, Jain, Netafim, Priva, Rainbird, Toro and more.


Systems can be automated with hard wired valves, 2-wire communication or wirelessly via radio; powered by AC, DC or even solar. There are numerous types of controllers that can do everything from open and close valves to proportional injection and pH / EC control.
Take a look at the photos below to see some of the automation projects we’ve done and some of the products we have available.


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