Row Crops

As the importance of water conservation increases, farmers everywhere are moving away from flood and furrow irrigation towards more efficient drip irrigation. All of our customers growing row crops are using drip tape or drip hose and emitters from companies such as Jain, Netafim and Toro. Some of the benefits of drip irrigation include low application rates, minimal evaporation and the ability to apply water/nutrients directly to the root zone.


Most row crops need water and fertilizer on a daily or weekly basis. Drip irrigation allows growers to do this with lower pressures and flows than overhead sprinklers while minimizing evaporation, leaching and runoff.


We work directly with growers irrigators in all types of row crops and can provide product training and knowledge in every aspect of the system. We can design any type of drip system and give recommendations on which types of filters, valves, hose, tape and other parts to use.


Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns and advice on any of these products.